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Faerie Dust [What Dreams Are Made Of]

In the Shining Realm there live many faeries of all shapes, sizes, colours and creeds.

It is a world that may be entered through hidden portals [doorways]. Only those given consent by the Portal Keepers may enter.

What is perhaps little known by mortals, is that no self respecting faerie would ever be seen without their bottle, purse, or pouch of faerie dust. For you see - faerie dust is a magical, but everyday faerie essential.

This sparkly dust is used to cast magical spells and grant wishes. Only those with pure hearts, whose goals are to serve the 'highest good' may be in possession of such a special and precious cargo.

With the kind consent of Queen Pandora of Narwhalia, we have been gifted a quantity of faerie dust for distribution. The Queen of this magical faerie realm has however asked me to convey to you -'that only those that believe in faerie folk, and whose motives and intentions are 'pure' may be allowed to possess this magical Narwhalian Faerie Dust.'

How To Use Narwhalian Faerie Dust.

  1. Only the smallest pinch of faerie dust is necessary for any spell casting or wish to be granted.
  2. It is advised that you tell no person, animal, plant nor tree of your wish or spell. All faeries will know your thoughts and intentions, and that is as it should be, and as it always has been.
  3. The best times to use your faerie dust are at dawn, dusk, and at the time of the full moon. You may of course use your faerie dust at any time, but spells and wishes are more potent during the hours when faeries are most active.
  4. This incantation is used by many faeries when spell casting or when asking that their most profound wishes be granted:-

Star light, Star bright,
Help to make my faerie wish come true this day,
This very night.
Powers of good,
Powers of light,
Powers of love and faerie delight,
Dreamweavers, spellcasters,
Hear my call,
May that which I wish come true,
For the good of one and all.

Remember, A day without faeries is a day without sunshine.

Shine brightly

Vanya The Faerie Lady

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