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Pagan and Wiccan Wands

Here is a world of feathers adorned with paintings of Wizards, Witches, Elementals, Familiars, Goddesses and Gods. Crystals and gemstones are often used to add to the energies of these magical wands. Metal too can play its part in healing, and from time to time you will see copper, or silver used to enhance our pagan wands. Each wand is smudged and blessed throughout the creative process. I am a firm believer in intention, so our wands are made in a place surrounded by healing crystals, candles, and loving energies.

Our feathers are sourced from falconer friends, pals with chickens and turkeys roaming free-range, and bird and animal sanctuaries. All the feathers are naturally maulted, and the birds are living, breathing, healthy creatures that are extremely well cared for. Wherever possible we endevour to support the sanctuaries. By doing this, we feel we are giving something back to the birds who have kindly donated their feathers to us.

You will also see a range of natural feathers that have not been painted, usually Turkey feathers are used [traditionally used by American Indian peoples, and believed to have cleansing and healing properties]. We have done this because we have found that some people prefer to work with feathers in their most natural state. Each and every feather has a leather or suede bound handle. However if you are a vegan and would prefer a fabric alternative, please email me with your enquiry. We are also pleased to accept commissions.

In my view, it is often the 'wand that picks the person' rather than the 'person that picks the wand'. We are drawn inexplicably to a particular wand, we can give no rational explanation, and yet somehow we 'know instinctively' that a particular wand is 'meant for us'. Some of you may be familiar with the Harry Potter films, in one of the films , he goes to choose his wand, various wands are tried, and then one is found, it seems to pick him and respond to him, rather than the other way around... That is the sort of thing I mean.

Whatever your choice of wand, be it here, or somewhere else, may it serve you well on the path of healing and light.

Blessings on the breeze

The Faerie Lady, Vanya

Pagan and Wiccan Wands For Sale

Our prices vary according to the types of feathers used, the intricacy of any painted and original design, and any other ornamentation that is used in the making of the wand. Commissions will cost no more than ready made wands, and the pricing structure is based on the above criteria.

Postage and packing is included in the cost of your wand [U.K. only]. Other destinations may incur additional postal charges. Should you have any queries whatsoever, please email us.

Click on the images below to show you a larger picture of the Pagan and Wiccan Wands.

Pagan and Wiccan Wand #1 - High Priestess.

High Priestess

The High Priestess stands alone at Dusk, ready to perform her healing ritual.

Acrylics on natural Turkey feather with irridescent black/white/green and purple irridescent shimmer Chicken feathers. Black leather bound handle with tassels.



Pagan and Wiccan Wand #2 - Warlock.


Acrylics on natural Turkey feather with Chicken and Turkey fluffs to the base of the central feather. A leather bound handle with Pentagram embellishment.

A Warlock stands surveying the night sky. He looks for signs and portents of what is to come. Copper piped detailing adds an additional decorative feature and represents the 'connection between all living things'.

Measures TBA".


Pagan and Wiccan Wand #3 - The Shining One.

The Shining One

Natural Chicken feather wand, with feathers in tan, and light and dark brown.

These feathers are the naturally fallen feathers of a rare and exquisite breed of Chicken. Many of the feathers have a beautiful and irridescent quality to them. A Leather bound handle with tassel detail finishes this wand.

Measures TBA".


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