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Bird Symbolism. A guide to working with bird energies.

By Vanya - The Faerie Lady. © Copyright 2007

COCK [HEN] Said to aid 'watchfulness' and believed to have 'resurrective qualities'.

CROW Teaches us how to learn from situation and to feel 'guilt free' when we are assertive. Crow is the bringer of harmony.

DUCK Duck offers us emotional comfort and protection. Aids us in attaining a more calm and peaceful path in our lives.

EAGLE Perhaps the most sacred of all birds, and regarded by many cultures as the 'sacred messenger'. Eagle can help us in contacting Spirit for healing. Also said to assist us in tapping into our own creative and healing energies. It is also believed that working with Eagle energy brings light to areas of darkeness.

GOOSE Geese are said to help us rid ourselves of the shackles and difficulties of the past. They can aid us by expanding our creative imagination and desire to live our lives to their true, and fullest potential. Incredibly loyal, should one of their number be injured in some way, two if its companions will follow their companion to a place of safety. There they remain, until either the bird returns to health and is fit enough to rejoin the flock, or passes into Spirit. These birds are perhaps best known for their ability to read the signs in their environment, knowing when food is scarce, the weather is changing and it is time to leave for warmer climes, and more bountiful food sources. Another characteristic of this bird is its almost 'guard dog' like quality. Some households keep geese outside their homes, using them as an early alarm call should any intruders be on the prowl. So again these birds are known to be protective, and intuitive.

HAWK Another bird that is revered by many cultures around the globe for its skills and prowess as a bird of prey. Regarded by many as a sacred messenger, said to aid 'clarity of thought'. Hawk is said to offer powerful protection. This bird also has links to the belief systems of Ancient Egypt, Norse and Celtic Mythology.

MACAW known for their higly coloured and exotic plumage, these birds are highly intelligent and resourceful creatures with a great sense of fun. The energy of this bird is said to symbolize bringing 'colour and vibrancy' back into our lives, and also aid our communicative skills. Also thought to help us with both 'emotional and physical healing'. The feathers of the Macaw are higly prized by some cultures and are used in ceremonial costumes.

To work with Macaw energies is to link with the energies of Mother Nature. Macaw can help us to increase our psychic and spiritual development. This bird is also strongly allied to the energies of the Sun, and therefore linked with masculine energies, helping to bring balance to the male and female aspects of self.

It is also believed that Macaw energies can aid us by helping us to heighten our perceptions, our intuition, our understanding of our inner voice. Thought also to help with calming emotional anxieties and bringing about a sense of balance.

OWL Remarkable hunters, these birds are said to offer us 'silent wisdom' and help us to connect with our 'hidden talents and knowledge that is otherwise not obvious to us'. Owl energy can offer us the ability to understand the signs and signals around us. Not all cultures regard this bird as a 'good omen', some regard them as 'harbingers of doom and symbols of death'.

PEACOCK There can be few who do not recognize the exotic plumage of this magnificent bird. In some religions their plumage is thought to be unlucky, whilst in other cultures these feathers are highly prized. The 'eye' of each feather is said to symbolize God's Eyes watching over you and protecting you. Also these birds are linked to masculine energies and the Sun. It is believed that Peacock energies have strong links to the Cosmos, and 'rebirth'.

PHEASANT With their distinctive plumage these birds are easy to recognise.It is said that Pheasant energies will bring us resourcefulness, tenacity and durability. They are also said to aid 'adaptability'.

PIDGEON Plucky, flexible, loyal, resourceful, intelligent, healing, family based.

RAVEN Brings magic into our lives, aids us on our spiritual path, brings joy back into our lives. Said to bring 'synchronicity' into our lives.

SWAN Known for their loyalty to their partners and families, these birds are also known to be highly protective, yet gentle and tender. Their energy is said to aid 'healing, enlightenment, and inner knowing'.

TURKEY The feathers of this bird are often used in ceremonial tools and clothing. Turkey is said to offer cleansing and healing. Appearances can be deceptive, Turkey is a communial bird and resourceful.

Vanya The Faerie Lady

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