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Creating a Sacred Space or Altar.

By Vanya - The Faerie Lady. © Copyright 2007

What is a sacred space?

It is all manner of things to all manner of people. Perhaps most importantly though, it is a place of refuge, a sanctuary, a place of connection. Sacred spaces can be of spiritual significance, they can be of cultural significance, they can be places where mass gatherings, festivities, or ceremonies and rituals are held; and in the past they have sometimes been spaces where sacrifices have been made.

Or a sacred space can be a small corner of your bedroom or study, where you place special objects and items that hold fond memories for you. Put simply, a sacred space is a place of reverence, a place of ceremony, a place to commune with all those ideas and thoughts that you perhaps never have the time for.


Altars are often associated with places of worship. Altars however can take many forms and it is not necessary for them to have religious significance. Altars come in all shapes and sizes and are often adorned with cloth, flowers, religious statues, drinking vessels, candles and many other objects held to have relevance. Around the globe human beings have found countless ways to express themselves through the creation of altars. They can be indoors, out of doors, they can be made by many, or a chosen few. Altars can and are, also created within many of our homes. They may be found behind the doors of a cupboard, or a beautiful table adorned with fancy fabrics and objects of spiritual significance may reside in a quiet corner of the spare bedroom. It is still an altar, and has great meaning and worth to the person who has chosen to create this special place, a haven where tranquility and reverence reside.

Creating a sacred space

As already mentioned a sacred space can be created either indoors or out of doors. It is a place you may wish to go to and seek refuge, calm, tranquility, to commune with your Creator, or your spirit guides, or you may wish to meditate or perhaps practice Yoga or Pilates.

You may wish to create a sacred circle or medicine wheel out of doors and research and embrace the spiritual significance of its meaning and purpose. Perhaps the Zen approach has appeal. You may wish to create a wildflower garden as a haven for the faerie folk and source all the 'faerie friendly plants and flowers'. You may wish to make your garden into a haven that welcomes wildlife in homage to all the creatures that share this Earth. You may decide to avoid using pesticides and chemicals in your garden or house, and may seek organic produce so as to make your whole living space both in and out of doors a 'sacred space'.

There are few rules here, other than to serve the highest good, make your sacred space your own, make it a sanctuary from the pressures of daily life, a place that helps you to feel calm, and at ease with yourself and those you may wish to share the sacred space with.

Creating an alter

You may wish to create an altar either indoors or outdoors. An altar can be of virtually any shape or size, perhaps on some shelving, on a table, on a large rock or stone, or perhaps even something you have made specially for the purpose. Cloths are often used to adorn the surface, though this is not obligatory. I find great pleasure in making and decorating my own altar cloths, over the years I have developed themes, some are simply related to colour, whilst others may be related to my spirituality, or other things with which I have a strong affinity.

Before you build your altar, think about the theme, or purpose you wish your altar to have? Do you wish your altar to inspire you? are you in pursuit of a dream? What is that dream? Could an altar reflect your goals and aspirations. You may wish to become a published author, an artist, a musician, a baker or candlestick maker, whatever your goal, could an altar on that theme aid you on your life path? You may have collected inpsirational verses, paintings or photographs on your chosen theme, you may well wish to use these treasures within your altar setting. If you do decide to create an altar, do what feels right for you, take time, give your motives and theme great consideration, and create a haven in which you can relax, feel inspired, and feel connected to all that you hold magical.

Vanya The Faerie Lady

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